Oct 11, 2011

magic of " time"

the last journal was written more than 1 years ago. time is flowing very quick! what did I done between this 20 month?? time is a magic I am living in a pararell world there is many different time-flow, in each world. but I feel the 20 month, my English became bad again. I lost the training to write in English and how fast can it go away from my memory...:( it is time to come back and re-try. to remember. this is a test entry for my re-entry into this blog.

Jan 17, 2010


- I will stay in my silent space and will keep watching my inner fire.
- I will let go every "I should..." inside me
- I will let my fear and avery other heavy negative happenings inside me go and will keep going my journey more free and light.

Jan 5, 2010


Dear friends, dear earth, dear me,
I wish you all very very happy new year.
let's welcome lots of love, happiness, luck in your life.

we are born to become happy.
we are allowed, to be happy.

if you can give space for your happiness,
you can give space to the other for their happiness.

If you can love yourself,
than, you know how to love the other people.

take care of your body,
take care of your heart,
take care of your life.

Nov 14, 2009

pictures from israel & palestine

here you can see few pictures of my journey in Israel and Palestine during the world work seminar @ Nazareth

both cities are mostly Muslims and Christians.

todays learning

for understand the world conflict,
you have to know about you inner conflict.

become to be able to work on your inner world work,
you can effect the field so much.

the edgy parts on the field comes up through the dream and body symptoms, so if we can pick it up internal, we can give the field back the parts, through yourself, without working on the middle of the group.

Nov 2, 2009

we have to include and respect children

children should be included in our future life and actions naturally.
in a society, where the children have no space and no respect , there is no future.

You can find powerful women and happy children in a healthy society

Celebrate the Earth

celebrate the life,

do what you like and have fun.

Sep 30, 2009

missing you

it is too far away
it is too expensive
why I can not visit you more easyly?

I am thinking and hoping
to see you all again

on the same time
my life here is too diffcult to go away

I miss you so much
I miss you all so strongly

I do not know why am I here in another peace of the world?

watching the picture and thinking of you all
hugging and missing you so much